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As winter approaches, it is important to make sure you get your heater serviced before firing it up. If your heater suddenly breaks down, it can be an enormous unanticipated expense. Servicing your heater, at least once a year, is the best way to avoid catastrophic failure and major costly replacements. Karalis Mechanical Services LLC is the best option to choose for heating services in Broomall and throughout Delaware County. We provide quick and emergency service. Below are some maintenance tips that will make your winters safe and warm:

Switch air filters

Switch your air filters! It may seem like an obvious maintenance tip but it is mostly neglected by busy people. Keep a reminder or notification on your mobile phone so that you can change your air filters before winters.

Return registers

Dirty return registers can restrict the flow of air from heaters. Air registers should be cleaned and vacuumed each year. Dust and oily residue can build up on registers easily. When you detect a build up, gently clean it with a dish cleaner. Before reinstalling it, make sure it is dry. All registers in your homes should be open and free from any kind of restrictions. Switching off vents will restrict air movement and will also break down your heating system rapidly.

Ideal temperature

What should be the ideal temperature for my thermostat? It is the most common question asked by everybody in winters. Obviously, winters have colder days and it is next to impossible to decide on a daily, consistent temperature. Ideal temperature can depend on the house location and material on which it was built. Ideal temperature is usually somewhere between 68-70 degrees. Consider using a humidifier to increase energy efficiency and comfort. Air and heat have direct relations with each other. More air holds more heat.

Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are running effectively

Install new batteries in all alarms in your home. Check the age of your alarms and also know all of their locations. If you find that you have to replace the old alarms with new ones, do it immediately.

A heater should be checked, services and working properly before each season. Karalis Mechanical services LLC provides best heating solutions in Broomall. We provide quick service. We also provide 24*7 emergency heating services to make you cozy and warm in dry winters.

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